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John Sisk & Son Social Impact Report

Posted 6 months ago

John Sisk & Son has been a family business for over 160 years and the core values of Care, Integrity and Excellence remain fundamental to what Sisk does and how they do it. One of the ways these values translate into action is through Nutral’s approach to our people and the communities within which we work.

Amidst the backdrop of the UK’s construction industry, a pressing challenge emerges the severe shortage of skilled blue-collar workers. Esteemed reports from both CITB and RICS project a staggering need to onboard 217,000 new workers by 2025. This scenario becomes even more daunting when one considers that a significant 67% of industry professionals single out this skills gap as the principal barrier to sustained growth. Recognising the gravity of this situation, John Sisk & Son, in a proactive step forward, collaborated with Nutral in February 2022.

The collaborative approach to create a Labour Desk provides an opportunity to ensure, economic prosperity through investing in new skills and jobs that pay a living wage, addresses community well-being through training and upskilling, whilst supporting charities and social enterprises, and improve the environment by reducing the carbon footprint from local employment. Furthermore, the Labour Desk supports John Sisk & Son’s ambitions to create a more equal and balanced workforce, ensuring all members are trained and follow our requirements for equality, inclusion and diversity.

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