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Should you like to email us, please contact the following: support@nutral.uk

You can expect a reply within 24 hours, but please see below some of our frequently asked questions.

01 What does Nutral do?

We’re on a mission to secure our clients the best talent by unleashing their possibilities with the power of impactful supplier and workforce data.

02 What can Nutral offer my business?

We enable organisations to scale their talent recruitment services through neutral vendor managed services, meaning we can help your business reach more people and increase your sales. Our technology platform ensures all your candidate data is held in one secure portal to allow the best client and candidate experience, and we offer day-to-day support so you can always get the most out of your business.

03 If I sign the Partnership Agreement, am I locked into Nutral?

You can cancel your partnership with Nutral at any time by contacting us at vendors@nutral.uk.

04 How long until I can start placing candidates?

We try to help our talent partners get up and running with nutral as quickly as possible. We’ll review your onboarding questionnaire and get back to you in a few business days to take you through the next steps.

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