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We are Pending B-Corp Certified!

Posted 1 year ago

We are pending B-Corp Certified!

We have exciting news to share! Nutral is now pending B-Corp Certified!

What does this mean?

Simply put – using business as a force for good.

The B Corporation Certification measures a company’s complete social and environmental impact.

Currently building in momentum, size and recognition, B Corps represent over 6,000 companies from 159 industries internationally in 89 countries.

Why does nutral have a ‘Pending B Corp’ status?

This is a temporary ranking for start-ups who haven’t yet accrued the 12 months of operational experience required for B Corporation Certification.

The Pending B Corp process provides nutral with valuable insight into their own development and affords a beneficial framework from which nutral can progress to become a fully-fledged B Corporation. It also signals nutral’s strong governance to future clients and employees.

To achieve the full status, nutral will have to achieve the following –

  • A score exceeding 80 on the B Impact Assessment.
  • Passing B Corporation’s risk review.
  • Legally commit to becoming accountable for all Nutral stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate reputed visibility by facilitating the publication of information on Nutral’s performance (appraised by B Lab’s standards)

Certified B Corporations, like nutral, are leaders working towards a more fair, progressive, and inclusive world fueled by a regenerative economy.

Beyond proving nutral’s high standard of performance in environmental and social realms, the B Certification also demands culpability and transparency – from charitable and employee provisions to supply chain visibility.

B Lab UK have recently underlined the movement’s purpose – to make progress through business. Responding to accusations of green-washing from The Times, B Lab reiterated their true value: working to better serve the planet and its people. To date, the letter has been signed by over 150 senior leaders from B Corps including Oddbox, Mindful Chef, COOK and Patagonia.

B Lab UK believes that it provides a way to measure progress, accept responsibility under inspection, and work collectively to build an inclusive, fair and regenerative economy.

In case you’re not yet convinced by the Benefits of a B Corp certification, here are some of the advantages:

  • Run a better business; discover opportunities to improve by completing the B Impact Assessment.
  • Attract remarkable talent; great people will be drawn to your company as a B Corp, because the values aligned to B Corp status attract those who live by them.
  • Join a global community; connect with fellow changemakers, learn from them and progress with them. Being part of something bigger and better is not only great for society, but it also makes shrewd business sense because your voice is immediately elevated and bolstered.
  • Unlock professional development; once B Corp certified, all its employees get access to the B Hive, a platform where professionals can share resources, network and collaborate.
  • Marketing Benefits; not only is the B Corp status itself a powerful brand asset, certified B Corps also unlock access to marketing campaigns organized by B Lab.
  • Build Reputation; sustainable products are growing in popularity. The B Corp logo is trusted and respected as the only international third-party vetted certification which evaluates companies.
  • Improve performance; maintaining Certified B Corp status requires a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Generate Sales; B Corps attract fellow B Corps, encouraging business with others who share their values.
  • Save money; access exclusive discounts through the B Hive.
  • Make a positive impact; your business’s support of the movement tackles the issues of an imbalanced economic system by recognizing that collectively, businesses can reset the economy. What effects will this have? Well, the current economic system puts profits ahead of people and the environment. So, overturning the system should equally disrupt those problems it currently funds – climate change, racism and political tyranny to name a few.

Find out more about the B Corp Movement here:

Ultimately, nutral believes in being the change you wish to see in the world, and the B Corp Certification will help to make this dream a reality.

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