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Posted 1 year ago

 What actually happens to us when we sleep and why is it so important?

We have established that sleep is an essential aspect of our health and wellbeing, yet many still struggle to get enough quality sleep each night. What exactly happens to our brain during sleep, and why is it so important? In this article, we will explore what happens to our brain while we sleep and crucially, the impact of not getting enough sleep.

Our ‘sleeping’ brain provides the opportunity for our brain to process and consolidate information, regulate emotions, and restore our physical and mental energy. During sleep, the brain cycles through several stages, including rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep. During REM sleep, our brain is highly  this is when we dream. In non-REM sleep, our brain is less  this is when we consolidate our memories and perform important physical and emotional regulation.

Did you know that our bodies are in a state of total paralysis when we are in REM sleep? That’s how important our sleep cycle is to us!

Not getting enough sleep can significantly impact our mental and physical health. Lack of sleep can cause our brain to become fatigued, making it more difficult to focus, make decisions, and remember information. It can also lead to an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Studies also show that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on our physical health, increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other health problems. Sleep deprivation can also reduce our ability to regulate our appetite, making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

To ensure that we get the most from our sleep, it’s important to establish good sleep habits and practice good sleep hygiene, including setting a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine and other stimulants, and creating a relaxing sleep environment.

By taking care of our sleep, we can support our brain and overall health, improving our ability to perform at our best each day.


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